28 November – 12 December, 2022


with Filippos Raskovic

Online kursas suaugusiems / course for adults
Anglų k. / In English


Kursas orientuotas į aktyvų bei analitinį muzikos klausymąsi ir padės pagilinti žinias, norintiems parinkti tinkamiausią muziką savo kuriamam turiniui – nuo grojaraščių sudarymo iki puikiai skambančio vaizdo įrašo. 

Kursas dėstomas anglų kalba.

The course focuses on music appreciation, active and analytical listening, and searching for music across a large spectrum of genres. These principles can provide tools and insights for people who are interested in creating music selections for radio production, video, and other multimedia creations. These will be explored through a series of inclusive listening and practical workshops and exercises.

These lectures are directed to both people with a musical background as well as people who wish to explore and broaden their searching, listening, and selection of music as a creative practice. Students will have as a starting point Filippos Raskovics’ personal experiences and practices in music listening, composing, improvisation, and radio productions and will expand to each person’s interests.

The aim is not to seek or teach truth in these principles, but rather to encourage each participant to find their own individual voice, interest, and way to expand their music appreciation, selection experience, and creative process for multimedia creations.

Learning language – English.





DURATION: 3 online lessions x 1,5 hours

November 28
December 5 / 12

TIME: on Mondays, 7:00–8:30 PM

LOCATION: online
(After you ordered the course, we will send all information, including the link to the online meeting.)

Early bird (till November 15) – 45 Eur
– from November 16 – 55 Eur


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+370 656 33768



Filippos Raskovic is a composer and improviser from Athens, Greece based in Vilnius. His work creates a sonic world; accidental and composed, recognizable and unexpected all at the same time.

As a composer, he often creates interdisciplinary work with visual artists. In 2021 he completed the performative installation; Echo Chambers in close collaboration with the sculptor D.Tampakis which was developed during his FUGA residency in Spain. As an improviser, he self-released his first album’s gentle presence in 2020 and has performed at MONOPIANO Festival in Fylkingen, Stockholm.

He is also a founding member of illucid trio with Kazimieras Jušinskas and Gediminas Stepanavičius. In 2019 he co-founded the KRAMA music festival, which aims to present a new outlook within the Greek independent music scene, bringing together free improvisation with contemporary classical and experimental electronic music.

He is also a resident at Radio Vilnius.