Muzikalkė is a space for free, open-minded and ambitious music creators. It offers progressive, relevant and wide-ranging training for students and adults.


“Muzikalkė” is a space for creators to explore with confidence
In music, mistakes don’t exist. An error is a creative opportunity and a path to a new sentence, and perhaps even a new musical language. This is the attitude with which “Muzikalkė” welcomes its students. Here, we learn to create and listen, and our curiosity and creative fire is ignited by an introduction to the latest creative techniques and technologies.

grow together with the creators of today
The teachers at “Muzikalkė” are active in the world of music today, creating, performing, arranging, improvising and managing. Therefore, our students are provided with exceptionally relevant musical knowledge, the freshest creative practices and technologies – directly from the world’s great concert halls. “Muzikalkė” also regularly runs joint projects with its friends – the major organisations of creators – in which “Muzikalkė” students also participate.

find your community
“Muzikalkė” runs a 2-year music creation course for schoolchildren. Here, young creators discover a circle of like-minded people, new music groups are formed, and bright new creative talents emerge. Students are guided along the creative path by professionals who are active in the field of music, and who encourage young creators to discover their unique voice. Practice is an important principle of the training: each theory module is accompanied by a creative task and the results are presented publicly in the form of events or publications.

exchange knowledge and experience
“Muzikalkė” brings creators together by providing a space to share ideas and experiences. It offers courses and workshops for adults: from music psychology and music technology to audiovisual art and electroacoustic music creation.

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